The colouring book of cards and envelopes – Summertime – by Rebecca Jones

This book is just AMAZING and my boys and I love it !

What is it ?

It is a book with 24 cards to colour and 24 envelopes to fold and colour + 24 stickers to close the envelopes. It is all about Summer so you will find illustrations with: bees, butterflies, fish, sea creatures, shells, summer flowers.

How does it work ?

The back of the front cover explains how to fold the envelopes with very simple pictures.

SUMMERTIME - Rebecca Jones (3)-800

In the first part of the book, you will find the cards. They are 2 per page and are really easy to separate. The grooves are very well marked so the children can fold the cards completely independently. The main illustration to colour is on the front.

Inside there is some space to write your text and some illustrations you can colour as well.

On the back, there is a lovely design to enhance the name of the card’s author.

SUMMERTIME - Rebecca Jones (13)-800

In the second part of the book, there are the envelopes illustrated outside AND inside ! So you can colour the 10000 little fish inside the envelopes if you wish and after 24 hours spent colouring your 10000 fish, you will fold the envelope easily and  in less than 1 minute. It will be time to put your card in your lovely envelope and close it with a sticker you will find in the last page of the book.

We like:

  • the creative and peaceful time spent together colouring beautiful designs.

  • the bargain which allows us to please a lot of persons we like a lot.

  • the beauty of each card and envelope.

  • the envelopes’ folding that enable children to work on geometry and method without realizing it.

  • the wonderful publisher of this book: the National Trust.

  • Rebecca’s Jones universe we are completely mad of !

How we will use this book through Summer:

  • postcards

  • birthday cards

  • thank you cards for my children’s teachers and their assistant teachers.

Here are some of the creations we have started. I will put pictures of the final version on my Facebook page.

Here are the commercial links if you would like to buy this book (and other ones by Rebecca Jones) and create wonderful cards for your beloved ones this Summer. Just click on the picture and then on the link or buy it from your local bookshop.











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